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IMO Fair For Life Certified

Shea Natural is proud to announce our alliance with IMO Fair For Life. Fair for Life is an independent, non-governmental, not-forprofit organization that promotes environmentally sound agriculture, sustainable production systems and an eco-friendly consumerism all over the world.

As a valued Shea Natural customer you can take pride in knowing that when you purchase Shea Natural Fair for Life certified products you are not only purchasing the best natural skin care products on the market but you are directly and positively impacting the lives of our producers. Woman’s cooperatives in Africa work hard to hand craft our high quality ingredients. These impoverished, woman would otherwise struggle to afford basic social needs. When Shea Natural purchases these ingredients, the producers receive a price premium that is set aside for development projects in their communities such as schools and community centers. With your purchase these women are empowered to build happy and healthy lives for themselves and their families.

As a Fair trade certified operator Shea Natural is thoroughly audited and must adhere to all basic human & labor rights, including the right to organize, no child labor, access to health care, and so on. This ensures that all employees along the supply chains are treated fairly.  

Fair for Life certification covers the entire chains of custody from production to final brandholder and requires fair working conditions at all stages. This enable you to take part in a very special and socially responsible initiative. The next time you purchase a Shea Natural Fair for Life certified product remember –


Shea Natural has actively supported the fair trade movement since 2015. We partnered with Fair For Life (IMO Fair Trade) to help bring fair trade to Shea Butter skin care products. Today, fair trade enables us to continue to provide high-quality Shea Butter to consumers, while helping to improve the quality of life of Shea Butter growing co-operatives and their families in Africa.


Tremendous progress has been made in the fair trade movement, and we believe even more exciting opportunities lie ahead. As with any movement, there are different perspectives on how to reach common goals. In the case of with Fair For Life (IMO Fair Trade), we support its current programs designed to innovate and seek ways to expand the fair trade model to allow more workers to benefit, which is in line with our reasons for embracing the fair trade movement over the years.


We are engaged in Fair For Life’s (IMO Fair Trade) programs. However, there is still much to learn from the fair trade movement and how it will be applied through an expanded model and how impact will be delivered, measured, monitored and evaluated. This will help inform how the model could be extended in the future, including new opportunities to impact more co-ops and workers who fall outside the cooperative model, but are interested in pursuing responsible social and environmental practices.

It is critical that an expanded fair trade model — and its participants — be held to high standards that deliver on the promise of fair trade by strengthening communities; including more communities from around the world; and igniting consumers through increased awareness. We will continue to support programs that result in empowered workers benefitting fair trade and how premiums are used to improve their communities.

We believe this will allow us to expand our involvement in fair trade while continuing to support and grow the relationships we have with our historic partners. As the fair trade model expands, we will continue to promote fair trade Shea Butter to stimulate demand and further increase our purchases from fair trade cooperatives.


Shea Natural is proud to join the fair trade movement, and we believe our business is one of many that has made this movement possible and remains critical to its continued success. We welcome ongoing and open dialogue about the innovations taking place around fair trade. We must all work together — and hold each another accountable — to further the fair trade model in a responsible way that meets our common goals of empowering producers and workers to achieve a better quality of life and keeping the movement flourishing for years to come.