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The phenomenal success of Shea Natural started with a spur-of-the-moment adventure. Upset about his mother's disapproval of his fiancée, Jaime Debbah impulsively decided that he needed a change from his everyday Brooklyn, New York surroundings. He didn't just get out of the city, though - he got out of the country, ultimately ending up in Africa. Jaime encountered many amazing products while he was there; positive that he'd find a market for them back home, he began selling those products at J & S Imports, his retail shop in midtown Manhattan. Thanks to Jaime's discerning taste, the shop became an immediate success.

A Life-Changing Discovery

Jaime's first trip to Africa wasn't his last one. In fact, he made many trips to the intriguing continent through the subsequent years. During one momentous visit, he became nearly incapacitated due to a very bad backache. Unsure of what to do, he decided to visit a local massage parlor. The elderly woman who supplied the massage used a thick, creamy lotion; he learned that it was Shea butter. Almost immediately, Jaime experienced incredible relief from his back pain. Convinced that he'd stumbled upon a product that could change people's lives, Jaime brought a large supply of it back with him to his retail shop.

Shea Natural is Born

Thanks to its amazing healing properties, the Shea butter that Jaime brought back to his store with him flew off the shelves. In short order, he created his own unique formula that incorporated unrefined, pure ingredients; from there, Shea Natural was born. Soon thereafter, Jaime was approached by hundreds of retailers who simply had to have this amazing product. That same enthusiasm continues today, as Jaime's brand has swept the globe and is now on its way to becoming one of the most well-respected skin care product lines in the world.

The Shea Difference

Today, Jaime's line of skin care products still boasts the all-natural, unrefined ingredients that it always has. It stands out even more from competing products by never including ingredients like glycols, sulfates, petroleums, parabens, preservatives or animal byproducts. Furthermore, these exceptional products are never tested on animals. Its ingredients are fairly traded and sustainably produced, so people can feel good about buying them. Many of them come from indigenous African farmers and women-run co-ops who are paid above-market prices. From its humble beginnings during an impulsive trip to Africa, Shea Natural has become a truly world-class company


Giving "Back To Africa"

Giving "Back To Africa"As we all are aware, the current situation in Africa is becoming progressively worse. Many Africans are suffering from horrific diseases, corrupt governments, and a weak economy. It is left to us in the West to help the innocent African people and to give "Back to Africa" by buying African products. We, at Back to Africa, continue to believe in fair wages and in achieving a decent standard of living with the hope of creating a sustainable future for the African citizens. Join us in our attempt to help the next generation of Africans, for that is the main purpose behind "Back to Africa."

Did You Know?

Our Shea Butter and Black Soap come from a group of co-operative producers in Ghana, West Africa. All members of the group come from poor communities where there is excessive unemployment, low standards of living and a high poverty rate. The majority of the people in this area live on less than a dollar per day. These people, predominantly single mothers, rely on the shea butter processing to take care of their basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education for their children, and other social needs. So when you buy our Shea Butter you know that you are directly assisting needy families in Africa.